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My Strategy
My strategy for helping local businesses successfully market themselves to grow revenue is to use a hands-on approach so that each business can portray their own individualized personality. I will focus on local business that I can visit on a regular basis. This will allow me to better determine the best techniques to use to market for their current needs.

A Little Info About Me
I started my career in the technical world back in 1999, during the big Y2K “crisis.”  During my first job as an Information Technology Coordinator for a non-profit, one of my duties was to design the website for that company. That is when I realized that I liked working with colors, graphics, and design much more than I liked working with cables, servers and routers. In 2002 I started my own web design company and worked from my home-based business. In 2003, I took a 9-5 job at my local newspaper as a graphic designer, and that is where my print skills were developed. I grew as a graphic designer, into a Creative Services Manager, and then I moved into an advertising sales role. I served as the Advertising Director for the newspaper for over 12 years. During my 14 years at this company, I designed many award-winning print ads and advertising campaigns. In this role I was able to use my creative design background to help clients envision what advertising and marketing could do to help them grow their businesses. Just recently, in the last quarter for 2017, I decided to broaden my service offerings into Social Media marketing. By forming my own agency, I can combine my 17 years of experience into a full-service agency, tying together traditional and new media marketing.